vuitton neverfull Did a patina develop while it was in the box? Hope you can start using your Palermo soon! I'm sure your DH would be glad to see one of his gifts being utilised

wear them one on each hand! both on one looks odd LV Purses

LV SHOP Yep it ranks as one of my favorites!!

,Delightful! The zipper details sold me. I think the Galliera looks better in PM Louis Vuitton Monogram,

That is so sweet of you to do that for your mom. My mom would be stubborn and never let me. Hahah. My mom her shoulder hurt. She will be 60 in Nov. I would say a hand held or nice evening bag? Eva? Louis Vuitton Shop


So pretty :) LV Handbags


Louis Vuitton Purses I think you should get the NF is that's what you really wanted to get, don't let this person spoil it for you.

,Cute~!! Congrats~!! LV.
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